Health Information Policy

Baüne is privacy first platform and it is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information. Except as otherwise described herein, unless otherwise permitted by law, we (Baüne® Ecosystem Inc.) will only use the individual’s protected health information once we have proper authorization from the individual (the user). Protected health information may not be used or disclosed except when at least one of the following conditions is true:

  1. The individual, who is the subject of the information, has authorized the use or disclosure.
  2. The individual who is the subject of the information has received our Notice of Privacy Practices and acknowledged receipt of the Notice or receipt of the Notice but refusal to sign is documented.  This is required to allow the use or disclosure and the use or disclosure is for information to deliver personalized insights  and advancements in scientific research, or health care operations.
  3. The individual who is the subject of the information agrees or does not object to the disclosure and the disclosure is to persons involved in the health care of the individual.
  4. The disclosure is to the individual who is the subject of the information or for  compliance-related purposes.
  5. The use or disclosure is for one of the HIPAA “public purposes” (i.e. required by law, etc.) or PIPEDA which applies to all personal data, health or otherwise regardless of the entity. Upon verification that an individual has been authorized to act as a personal representative of an individual, Baüne will maintain a choice of transparency to our users and respects the use and disclosure of his/her protected health information (PHI) as well as individual rights under the jurisdiction Privacy Rules.


I. Valid Authorization Form

  1. An authorization must be obtained on the correct form to ensure that it complies with the law. 
  2. An authorization form that is signed by the individual’s personal representative must state the personal representative’s name and the relationship that gives the personal representative authority to act on the individual’s behalf, in addition to the other information required.
  3. Upon request, Baüne will give the individual (or the personal representative) a copy of the signed authorization form.
  4. A copy of the signed authorization form is retained by Baüne for documentation record and audits.

II. Defective Authorizations

An authorization is not valid if it has any of the following defects:

  1. It is not signed or dated;
  2. The expiration date or event on the form has passed;
  3. It is not filled out completely;
  4. It has been revoked;
  5. It violates requirements regarding compound authorizations; or
  6. It contains any material information known to be false.

III. Authorization Is Not Required

An authorization is NOT required for uses and disclosures for the following purposes:

  1. Treatment, and health care operations;
  2. To the individual who is the subject of the information;
  3. Required by law;
  4. Public health activities (prevention or control of disease, vital statistics);
  5. Regarding victims of abuse, neglect, or domestic violence;
  6. Health oversight activities (licensure, audit, inspections);
  7. Judicial and administrative proceedings (subpoena, discovery requests, or legal process);
  8. Limited law enforcement purposes;
  9. Coroners, Medical Examiners, and Funeral Directors regarding decedents;
  10. Organ, eye, or tissue donation purposes;
  11. Research purposes;
  12. To avert a serious threat to health or safety;
  13. Workers’ compensation;
  14. Food and Drug Administration;
  15. Facility Directories provided the individual was notified in advance of the disclosure and given the opportunity to object to his/her information being used or disclosed in the directory;
  16. Notifying family or friends and for involving family or friends in the individual’s care, provided the individual was given the opportunity to object to such disclosure to family or friends.

IV. Revocation Of An Authorization

An individual may revoke an Authorization at any time by providing us notice and/or the individual’s Authorization is no longer valid once Baüne knows of the revocation, except to the extent the Baune has already taken action in reliance of the Authorization .

Should you have any questions or comments as for this Policy, please contact us at privacy@Baü

V. Documentation

Baüne will retain any signed authorization or revocation for at least six years from the date it was created or from the date it was last in effect, whichever is later

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